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What is Dietwise?

Dietwise is a small company based  in the North East of England, led by Dawn Shotton, an experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who is passionate about improving the health and well being of people and communities.  Dietwise provides affordable, highly professional nutrition services that are accessible and tailored specifically to client requirements.

Dietwise was established in 2014, and built from the experience and knowledge of it’s founder, Dawn Shotton who’s nutrition career spans over 20 years.  The company has a reliable and professional reputation, and takes pride in providing clients and businesses with highly professional nutrition and diet services, tailored to specifically to their requests.



Dietwise delivers professional, innovative and engaging services!

  • Personal one to one nutrition and dietary advice
  • Private group weight management programmes with individualised support
  • Company training events and away days on a wide range of topics
  • Bespoke Health checks for businesses/employees – choose from glucose and cholesterol checks, blood pressure, weight and waist circumference
  • Primary school nutrition events and programmes
  • Secondary school and college nutrition events
  • Local Authority community learning programmes and vocational training
  • Menu and recipe advice and analysis
  • Fun healthy eating and smoothie bike events

Why Choose Dietwise?

Dietwise is led by an experienced registered dietitian.  This means that quality evidenced based nutrition information are at the heart of everything the company provides and does.  No fads or fallacies.  The  company brings affordable, reliable, and expert dietary support, information and training to everybody, wherever and whenever it is needed.


This small company prides itself in getting to know clients, understanding individual requirements and helping people achieve specific needs.

Experience That Counts

Be reassured by a track record spanning over 20 years in the  expert field of dietetics


Support when and where it is needed, at a place and time that is convenient for its customers.


Same person, same service, same quality. Guaranteed. Every time.

Track record of quality reliable provision since 2014

Why Choose Us?

Dietwise believes that we should celebrate individuality.  This value is reflected in the very personalised dietary services it provides.  Advice, information and programmes are tailored specifically to client needs – a skill based on experience that spans over 20 years.


Registered Dietitian

Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals who are regulated by law, and governed by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) to ensure that they always work to the highest standard.  By seeking support from a registered dietitian you will be provided with a quality and evidence-based standards of care that no other nutritionist can guarantee.

Bespoke and Flexible

Dietwise is proud to offer quality nutrition services that are designed and delivered around the requirements of clients – conveniently timed and in a place that best suits the customer.

A small company that takes pride

Dietwise is a small North East Company, that takes great pride in knowing and understanding the health requirements of local communities.  High quality, dietary interventions are tailored to specific needs and delivered with passion and pleasure  – Dietwise takes great satisfaction in providing quality services in a cost-effective way, for the benefit of all.

The Dietwise mantra

Absolutely everyone deserves to be happy in life. Being healthy is a part of being happy so providing creative and reliable nutrition services that everyone can access is a very important part of achieving this!

What Our Patients Say

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