What is Dietwise?

Dietwise is a small nutrition and health company based in the North East of England, led by Dawn Shotton, an experienced registered dietitian who is passionate about improving the health and well being of people and communities.  We provide affordable, highly professional nutrition services that are accessible and tailored specifically to client requirements.

About Dawn Shotton, Managing Director

Since first qualifying with a Nutrition and Dietetics degree, Dawn has enjoyed a career spanning over 20 years in both the NHS and private health.  In this time she has held several senior professional roles, and gained significant experience and knowledge in many specialist nutrition areas.

Dawn also holds a master’s degree in weight management and a post graduate certificate in counselling, qualifications that underpin much of the advice and services offered by Dietwise.

Dawn has held a teaching qualification since 2001 which serves her public speaking and teaching roles well.  She is also qualified to assess nutrition learning, a valuable skill that ensures the highest of nutrition standards are maintained in any programmes that Dietwise delivers.

Dietwise Achievements

Dawn established Dietwise in 2014 and has been surprised by its expansion that has been way beyond expectation. Working in collaboration with others partners, freelance professionals and experts, Dietwise delivers a wide range of activities and services that are professional, innovative and always engaging!

  • Personal one to one advice  for diet and nutrition
  • Private group weight management programmes with individualised support
  • Company training events and away days on a wide range of topics
  • Bespoke Health checks for businesses/employees – choose from glucose and cholesterol checks, blood pressure, weight and waist circumference
  • Primary school nutrition events and programmes
  • Secondary school and college nutrition events
  • Vocational training support
  • Local Authority community learning programmes
  • Menu and recipe advice and analysis
  • Fun Smoothie bike events


Dietwise also loves supporting volunteers and students who share a passion for nutrition and who make a valued contribution to the work the company does.


Dietwise enjoys working with a wide range of people and community groups:

  • Individuals seeking personal support for their diet
  • Primary and secondary school age children
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Radio, press and TV
  • Buisiness communities, employers and employees
  • Elderly and aging better, including dementia
  • Mental health and those with physical disabilities
  • Homeless and disadvantaged young people
  • Youth groups

Popular nutrition topics include:

  • Weight management diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome advice
  • Healthy packed lunches and meal ideas
  • Healthy nutrition for older people
  • Feeding faddy children
  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • Food Labels – understanding them
  • Child health and diet issues
  • Mindful eating
  • Managing emotional eating

Our core values at Dietwise:

1. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy life!

Absolutely everyone deserves to be happy in life. Dietwise believes that being healthy is a part of being happy. How some people live means their health may be at risk, or not as good as it could be.  Delivering helpful nutrition services to those who most need them is very important to Diertwise.


2. Empathy and understanding drives every function of Dietwise.

Dietwise relates closely with the people and has a deep understanding of their needs, challenges and aspirations.  This appreciation allows Dietwise to deliver respectful support, build stronger relationships.


3. Only attainable targets based on good nutrition evidence will ever be advocated.

Dietwise prides itself on providing accurate dietary information of the highest standard, in line with HCPC regulation.  It will strive to dispel common nutrition myths and misleading fads or products that can threaten personal wellbeing.


4. Close partnership working is key when tackling complex nutrition issues!

Dietwise enjoys partnering with professionals and businesses that provide complementary skills and which have the same social purpose of improving health and wellbeing.


5. The priorities of communities decide service delivery and design!

Most people, businesses and communities know best what and how things should be done for them.  Dietwise makes it a priority  to listen and act upon the aspirations of all clients.


Dietwise is proud of its achievements so far and excited and optimistic about the future.  But it definitely does not wish to become complacent and is really keen to keep learning from its customers – so do get in touch if you have any suggestions comments or queries – we would love to hear from you!

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