Weight Loss Surgery Tips

Whether you are thinking about it or have already had weight loss (bariatric) surgery, your diet and nutrition should be a top priority both before and after.  Experts agree that changes to diet and lifestyle are a must if you are going to achieve permanent weight loss.

Common procedures performed in the UK include gastric balloons, gastric bands, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass operations.  Dawn has experience in all of these  bariatric surgery procedures and is happy to guide you through some of the dietary steps, whether you have already had surgery, or still considering it.

Whether  you are looking for additional dietary support in the lead up to surgery,  or you are need extra guidance from a competent independent consultant, Dawn will provide an empathetic and understanding approach to help you manage the dietary changes that go with surgery.


Dietwise works in partnership with Mr. Zaher Toumi, a consultant bariatric surgeon who has extensive experience in a range of bariatric procedures, and who shares a similar respectful empathy for those with weight management issues.  Together, Dawn and Zaher offer a comprehensive package of care to people who undertake surgery as an option for losing weight.

Download balloon information pdf here

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Top 3 myths about weight loss surgery:

Myth Number 1.  Surgery is the ‘magic solution’ that allows you to eat what and how much you like.

Not true – It is more likely that you will need to pay extra attention to your nutrition and intake as a result of it.


Myth Number 2.  You will lose all of your excess weight

Not true – while some surgical procedures produce impressive short term weight loss results, weight loss surgery performed in the UK is unlikely to produce losses higher than 80% of excess weight.  In fact, short-term losses are more likely to average 50-60% for most people and procedures.


Myth Number 3.  After surgery, you cannot regain your lost weight

Not true – short-term (within 2 years) weight loss results from surgery can be very good and may bring excellent health benefits.  Unfortunately, studies also show that over 20 years, a gradual regain of up to 80% of the lost weight is likely, for most people.

Sonia Ellis is one of Mr Zaher Toumi’s gastric sleeve patients who had her surgery recently at the Spire Hospital in Washington.

Sonia has managed to lose an impressive amount of weight already.  Despite initially feeling very nervous and apprehensive about her operation, she has this to say:

”From the minute I met Dawn she put me so much at ease understanding why I had put weight on, she wasn’t judging but very empathetic and reached out to me with her very friendly nature.  I felt so comfortable listening to how she could help me reach my targets by offering me so much advice and help with right nutrition.  Not only has she helped me loose weight but has also become a good friend always on the end of the phone to advise and guide me.”

Weight Loss Tips

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