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Sometimes it is the simplest changes that can make all the difference.  Remember, it is the frequent habits that happen daily that add up.  Changing things we do less often is less likely to have the effect we want.  So switching our milk to skimmed or semi-skimmed that you use daily is more likely to reduce your calories and energy intake than skipping the restaurant pudding once a month.

Most people find losing weight difficult, so there is no need to feel unusual or disheartened if you are one of them.

Experts know that those who are most likely to achieve it long term, do so by accessing good support, eating a balanced healthy diet and achieving a steady weight loss over time.

Professional, effective support for Dietwise

With over 20 years of experience, Dawn a proven track record of success in helping people reach their weight loss targets.  As a dietitian, she is uniquely qualified to advise individuals specifically around their health care needs and provide personalised dietary advice.  A number of options are offered:

  1. General diet and menu plans for just £5 – Meal and diet plans ranging from 1200 to 1800 Kcals, designed to meet all daily nutritional needs.  Order yours here
  2. Personalised diet and menu plans for just £20 – Meal and diet plans tailored more specifically to your requirements after you complete a simple information sheet.  Order yours here 
  3. Face to face consultations £75 per hour – Either via video conference (What’s app, skype or Facetime) or in the Dietwise office.              Get in touch to book an appointment 
  4. Package consultations of 4 hours face to face contact £200 – for those clients seeking ongoing support.   Get in touch to book an appointment


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